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About Insulin Pump

Insulin Pump Write for Us: The pump is a small device that delivers small amounts of insulin into your body throughout the day through an insulin delivery mechanism. It can help you better manage the need to adjust your insulin dose, especially after meals and at night, and thus help you better control your blood sugar.

The Insulin Pump is an electronic device that continuously delivers insulin to a person. An insulin pump offers a flexible way to improve diabetes while providing better control than injections.

The insulin pump gives you more freedom. It means you can eat when you want, sleep peacefully and without restrictions on weekends, sleep away from home, and on trips and excursions without worrying about injections and exceptional food.

How Does An Insulin Pump Work?

Insulin pump therapy works more like a healthy pancreas. The healthy pancreas continually releases small amounts of insulin around the clock to maintain normal blood sugar levels between meals and night.

The insulin pump is so small that you won’t even know you are using it. You can store the pump in your pocket, on a belt clip, or hide it under clothing.

Advantages of Insulin Pump

There are many positive changes that people can experience in their lives when they switch to pump therapy.

  • Fewer Injections
  • More Comfort
  • Customization
  • Dose during meals
  • More excellent stability of the level of sugar in the blood
  • Accurate Insulin delivery
  • Better glycemic control
  • Glycemic variability
  • Allow greater flexibility in meals
  • Ensure safety when exercising without fear of hypoglycemia

Disadvantages of Insulin Pump

  • The need to be permanently connected to a device.
  • The increased risk of developing ketoacidosis due to mechanical problems with the infusion set in people who are not well trained in their management.
  • Current scientific studies recommend using an insulin pump and continuous glucose sensors to improve the quality of life and blood sugar control of people with diabetes.
  • However, the patient must have good self-control and good treatment education.

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