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About Natural Products

Natural Products Write for Us: A Natural Product is a chemical compound created by an organism living in nature. Besides, It includes any substance produced by life. Therefore, Natural products are small molecules produced by an organism, including primary and secondary metabolites.

And also, these are found in nature, whether organic or not, and whose obtaining requires only the effort necessary to extract and collect the matter.

So, It is anything that is produced by life and includes biotic materials (e.g., wool, silk), bio-based materials (e.g., bioplastics, cornstarch), body fluids (e.g., milk, vegetable exudates), and also other natural materials (e.g., soil, charcoal).

Sources of Natural Products

Hence, Natural products can be extracted from cells, tissues, and secretions of microorganisms, plants, and animals. Therefore, a crude extract from any of these sources will contain various structurally diverse and often new chemical compounds.

Secondly, Natural products and their structural analogs have historically contributed to drug therapy, especially for cancer and infectious diseases. So, natural products also present challenges for drug discovery.

Natural Product Function

Natural products are often divided into two classes: primary and secondary metabolites.

  1. So, Primary metabolites are organic molecules that have an intrinsic function essential to the organism’s survival that produces them.
  2. Besides, Secondary metabolites are organic molecules that generally have an extrinsic function that primarily affects other organisms besides the producer.

Examples of Natural Products

  1. Water – Firstly, It is the most abundant inorganic substance on the planet, fundamental for the emergence and maintenance of life.
  2. Rubber – Secondly, It is an elastic polymer, with waterproof and resistant properties, secreted by the tree of the same name and other tropical trees. So, it is extracted as a milky liquid from the trunks
  3. Wood – Further, It is found in the trunk of trees and grows year after year thanks to concentric rings. Hence, this substance is very usable by humans.
  4. Iron – And also, is a metallic element, resistant, ductile and magnetic, very subject to oxidation, which generally occurs in nature in oxides and mineral compounds. So, pure iron is scarce, but it can be obtained from its natural sources and used in metallurgy to make alloys.
  5. Coal – In addition, one of the forms of carbon in nature, along with graphite and diamonds, is carbon.
  6. Sea salt – And also, It is called sodium chloride (NaCl). Further, common salt is an inorganic substance produced by the union of one atom of sodium and another of chlorine in a solid form of whitish crystals.
  7. Helium – Therefore, like many noble gases, this monoatomic gas has very low reactivity. Besides, despite its widespread nature, either as a member of our atmosphere or as a by-product of hydrogen fusion, within the stars.
  8. Mother of Pearl – So, It is a complex, iridescent, and white substance composed of crystallized calcium carbonate, organic matter, and water.
  9. Glucose – Further, the sugar present in fruits, honey, and in the blood of animals is a monosaccharide of molecular formula C.

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