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Teeth Aligners Write For Us

About Teeth Aligners

Teeth Aligners Write For Us: Teeth Aligners are clear; removable splints are made like replica teeth that follow a sequence of gentle movements and are placed over the teeth to straighten them. Aligners put pressure on the teeth and reposition them slightly.

Dental aligners are removable splints made of a thin transparent plastic material. The combination of a series of aligners over time is the basis for performing invisible orthodontic treatments alternative to those achieved with decorative brackets, porcelain or sapphire, or those completed in lingual orthodontics, which is the technique of more excellent hidden character when wearing braces on the inner surface of the teeth.

With this methodology, patients receive a set quantity of removable, transparent, and custom plastic aligners for their mouths. Invisible aligners are orthodontic splints that are almost imperceptible, comfortable, and do not require the cementation of braces or other orthopedic devices. They are straightforward to use. To place them, they must fit the teeth by applying a little pressure with the fingers to work appropriately.

Based on the characteristics of each patient, the change of aligners for a new series is carried out every two weeks until the end of the treatment. So, the teeth are in continuous movement in the desired direction.

Advantages of Teeth Aligners

  • They are practically invisible; people won’t even realize you’re wearing them.
  • And also, they are removable; you can take them off for eating, drinking, brushing your teeth, flossing, special occasions, and even taking the best selfies
  • In addition, since these aligners allow better cleaning of the teeth, they help prevent cavities more effectively.

Six things to keep in mind for Teeth Aligners

  1. Wear the aligners as long as possible – Keeping the aligners on the whole day will be the best way to get the quick outcome. Remove to brush your teeth, eat or drink.
  2. The period of treatment differs for each patient – On average, treatment lasts about a year in adult patients. However, it will all depend on the condition of your teeth and the amount of work they need to align and function.
  3. Faster results than with traditional systems – One of the significant advantages of these aligners is that you can get results quickly. Most patients usually see the first changes within a few months. But it depends on the level of involvement to comply with the treatment!
  4. Keep your aligners clean – In addition to maintaining your dental hygiene, the aligners must be cleaned every time they are removed and cleaned with a special brush made for this with cold or warm water and neutral soap.
  5. Habits to avoid during invisible aligner treatment – While it is true that the aligners are removable, it is essential to wear them most of the day. For this reason, if you are a smoker, it is advisable to reduce your tobacco consumption.
  6. You require a maintenance splint or retainer – Invisible aligners are a revolutionary treatment as they produce results quickly, and hardly anyone will notice you are wearing them. However, once the results are obtained, as with traditional orthodontics, the work continues in a maintenance phase.

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